At Oxbridge Training Institute (OTI), we offer a range of accredited Financial Qualifications, as well as basic financial training and work readiness courses:

Methods of delivery

Distance learning

The AAT Business qualification is presented to individual students via distance learning.


  • Access to tutors for academic assistance
  • Flexibility to learn at your own pace and in your own time
  • No start dates – you can enrol as soon as you are ready
  • No set exam dates – you can take the exams as soon as you are ready


Blended learning

The AAT Business, Local government and Public sector qualifications are presented to group registrations via a blended learning model, i.e. distance learning and contact sessions.


Contact sessions

The SAIT Tax Technician courses can be studied part time or full time with OTI and are presented via contact sensions.

The short courses are offered as face-to-face workshops from between 1 – 5 days.

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